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SHOW: 27 March at O'Brien's
TIX: bit.ly/3WVMu0L


I want a bullet train to Worcester
that all the anarchists can ride for free
one stop in the basement of our house
express all the way to South Street

but how're we gonna pay for it?
how're we gonna pay for it?
shovels cost money,
and it's time to go to work
at a place where I don't fit

I want a hyperloop to Portland
from Worcester Station to the Lloyd Center Mall
half-hour trips departing every 5 minutes
automated for the good of all

outlaw all service interruptions
and double-pay the workers that we need
precisely follow our instructions
or we'll be occupying I-90

"but how you gonna pay for it?
how you gonna pay for it?"
money's an excuse
to keep us lazy and amused
but complaining won't break its grip

declare a new United Nations
nail a flag up on the city hall tonight
demanding fares of every regional connection
be included as a basic right

it costs us money to avoid it.
I'd rather spend my $13.25
on getting snacks for the next house meeting
and developing a warp drive

"but how you gonna pay for it?"
how you gonna pay for it?"
Hurry up and join.
We're printing trillion dollar coins.
We'll spend them all on the public.

I want a bullet train to Worcester
on which everyone alive
has a right to take a ride
and they don't have to pay for it



all rights reserved


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