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Tiny Engines

Wasted on the Senate Floor

by Emperor X

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"Wasted on the Senate Floor" is the first single from Oversleepers International, the eighth Emperor X full-length album, slated for release on Tiny Engines in early 2017. Though the song has long been a staple of live Emperor X shows, Matheny felt a growing urgency to record and release the song properly after watching with alarm as the U.S. presidential election campaign of 2016 descended into mass delusion and nihilism. "This song has always been about -- to the extent any song I write is about anything -- what it's like to live and love in a world where hegemonic media, late capitalism, and manufactured pseudo-consent destroy democracy. Seems like a good time to release it, doesn't it?"



We ran aground in the Phillippines
interpreting what Henri Bergson means
when he says life must be durational.
That feels 1,000,000:1.

(We) collapsed in grace on the carpeting
(and) trade missionaries set to bargaining.
We have no use for tricky marketing.
We make self-evident claims.

We say, "Let the products sell themselves!"
like the Minutemen said.

I start to shake when she stares at me.
Our currency's almost at parity.
I'd try to talk, but apparently
that's not attractively tough.

We tripped and fell when we formed a team.
We fixed ourselves with fibrin soldering.
Wait, I was wrong -- that's called fibrin glue.
We have enough

to get wasted on the senate floor.
She said, "Blah blah blah, I'm getting bored."
Republican watchman from Virginia wraps his fist in a flag
to punch our lights out,

because we're wasted on the senate floor.
Now you're trapped because I locked the door,
and I've got this thorium-232 and I've got this microphone.
Listen up.

We've got bloody eyes but we're feeling good,
causing confusion in the neighborhood.
Nothing protects us like an earmark could
from bearing blows.

The price is only what inflation pulls.
The rules are strictly informational.
We showed up late to the Exxon rave.
We brought our products in tow.

Now we're wasted on the senate floor.
We put ecstasy tabs in the water supply.
Now we're wasted on the senate floor.
Let's see who's gay and who gets lonely

when they're wasted on the senate floor
and the naval blockade gets struck down with no trade-off.
We're wasted on the senate floor and we cast our eyes
to the strobe out.

We got wasted on the senate floor.
Where did you find your brother?
Where did you take your sister's side?
Where did you hide your sister's side?


released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


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