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SHOW: 26 March 2023 at The Broadway
TIX: bit.ly/3jngFQW


I took the Q train home
from a job I didn't like
to a house I didn't like
full of people I don't like
who don't like me either

but I never complain
and to their credit
they don't either
I close the door
and blast the speakers in my room
at a volume all can live with

Tom makes DMT on the stove
and it's plausibly deniable that none of us know

I fall in a black hole
a black hole on the Q train
I fall in a black hole

I took the JMZ for a change
a detour on a trip to Howard Beach
on a Sunday
that no one goes to church anymore
at least no one that I know
they'll all be sleeping 'til four

so I look at the white bridge
inadequate Big Bang
Bing Bang on the white bridge
Bing Bang on the white bridge
Bing Bang on the white bridge
Steady State



all rights reserved


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